My Wild Side

this is 18+ my dear children, I do not want to be responsible for corrupting your virgin minds :] If you do not wish to see nudity please leave! now, My name is Lexy, I'm a 20 year old female, straight, and did I mention I love sex? I only reblog, so none of this content is mine except for the occasional pictures of myself which you can find RIGHT HEEERREEEE I would also like to say that even though I may post pretty kinky shit on my tumblr, I view sex as something special that I can share with a lover in real life and express on here. Enjoy <3 sexy loves


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Anonymous :
I want to grab you by the back of your head and shove my cock down your throat, then tie you against a wall and fuck you until you scream for my cum.

sooo…when is this happening ;)?


Thanks guys :) I’m really glad that you guys have stuck around and enjoyed my blog! Sex is beautiful and I’m so happy to have people to share that with! Hmm… any ideas on what I should do to celebrate reaching 400 followers?

weber338 :
Damn your so freaking beautiful and sexy! You make me wanna just grab you from behind and bend you over and just bite your neck twist your nipples as slam my hard cock in and out of your pussy. ;)

so descriptive, you definitely know me well it seems :)

tumblerking1992 :
Amazing blog. Amazing selection you have great taste.

aw thank you so much I’m really glad you enjoy it!